What is Argan Oil?

Beauticians, bloggers and big screen celebrities all call Argan Oil the "Queen of Beauty Oils" - and for good reason. It's packed full of the organic, anti-aging ingredients big beauty companies can only dream of replicating in a lab.

It contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are all you need to repair your hair and protect your skin.

But not all Argan Oil passes the test.

As it continues to grow in popularity, lots of products claiming to be "Pure Argan Oil" are appearing for sale on the Internet and in high street stores.

But because 100% Pure Argan Oil is difficult and costly to produce - a lot of Argan Oil is fake, diluted or contains impurities.

Unfortunately this means that there are many brands you will want to avoid.

If you're looking for the name of an Argan Oil brand you can trust, we recently took on the task of reviewing every brand and type of Pure Argan Oil we could get our hands on and reported our results below.

The Argan Oil reviews on this page give you a look at the top 3 brands and more information on choosing the best Argan Oil is available in our "7 Signs Your Argan Oil is Impure" guide so you can feel certain whatever brand you do choose is 100% the real thing.

What is Argan Oil Used For?

Scientists now understand what the ancient Berber Tribeswomen of Morocco have known for centuries.

Argan Oil moisturises, hydrates and softens all types of hair and skin whilst also protecting it from damage.

That's the finding from 2 recent scientific studies of Argan Oil done by the Pharmacy School at the University of Santo Amaro in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Faculty of Sciences, Hassan II University, Casablanca in Morocco.

In the 1st study they took several samples of hair then dyed and bleached them blonde using hydrogen peroxide. They left one batch of hair unbleached and numbered each batch eg. (I) to (IV). Afterwards they tested each batch of hair for protein loss.

The first batch (I) was left unbleached. The second batch (II) was conditioned with a base hair formulation similar to those found in high street stores. The third batch (III) was conditioned with the same base hair formulation as batch (II) but with added Argan Oil.

The result?

Argan Oil was found to significantly reduce hair protein loss.

"Argania spinosa kernel oil... in base hair care formulation applied... in post treatment with hair dye decreased the damage caused to hair by the coloring process."